Rules & Ratings

USGA Rules Govern Play

Local Rules

  • Only two riders and two bags allowed for each cart
  • No fivesomes allowed
  • Keep carts 60 feet from green
  • Two club length relief allowed at all yardage markers
  • Repair all ball marks on greens
  • Rake sand traps - replace divots
  • Follow direction signs for carts
  • Please post your scores

NOTICE! Golf carts must remain on cart paths when indicated at first tee.

Gold Tee requirements are age and handicap for a total of 88 or over.

Course Ratings: Blue - 72.6/129 | White - 71.2/128 | Red - 73.9/131 | Gold - 68.6/121

Rangers will enforce slow play and will allow faster groups to play through.